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Leading the global reputation, exploring the infinite development. As the largest and most comprehensive professional swimming pool exhibition, CSE Shanghai has been held successfully for 5 years with the expectation of market, and was well received by the industry. CSE SHANGHAI 2024 will continue to upgrade and plow into the market, and provide high-quality supply chain and efficient trade services for the industry through special services such as "China Swimming Industry Ceremony", "Swimming Circle" pool B2B and "CSE Swimming Business School". Through these services mentioned above and other special services, CSE SHANGHAI will continue to innovate and promote enterprises to connect with industrial resources and expand the market. Taking public swimming pools and private swimming pools as the base, we will vigorously expand the two major categories of stadiums and villa courtyards, increase more market buyers’ demand, and provide exhibitors with a complete and integrated business and trade trading platform that integrates exhibition display, business and trade promotion, publicity and promotion, trade expansion, and award presentation of the grand ceremony.




Contemporary trends

In the policy environment , the government has launched the National Fitness Plan (2021-2025) and the Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Physical Education and Sports to Promote the Healthy Development of Youth to enhance people's awareness of physical fitness, as well as the Work Plan Regarding Sports that Stabilize Economy to deepen the point of consumption of sports. Taking a macro view of the national context, sports market programs, including swimming, are showing positive trends.


Based on data analysis of the current status of industry development. although affected by the epidemic in recent years, the number and area of swimming venues in China are still growing. According to the statistics of the national sports venues survey in 2022, there are 4,226,800 sports venues in the country, with an area of 3.702 billion square meters, the per capita sports field area covers 2.62 square meters. Among which, there are 36,600 swimming venues nationwide in 2022, including 19,500 outdoor swimming pools (54.17%), 15,800 indoor swimming pools (43.89%) and 698 natural swimming pools (1.94%).



Exhibition Strength and Opportunities

CSE Shanghai has connected with IWF, STAF and CIST, gathering 10 years of industry experience, covering the whole sports industry chain, and having the resources related to sports venues to create more business opportunities. And also, as the international exhibition organization, we create the trading ecological platform CHINA POOL B2B, deepen B2B procurement model, behave as the good overseas resource channels, help enterprises rapidly and accurately docking international buyers, contribute to international trade negotiations.

Meanwhile, the active guidance of associations and government organizations, which helps to promote the industry are offering great opportunities to penetrate the market.



Program details

The swimming pool exhibition will be divided into four main sectors, which are PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL, PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL, SAUNA & THERMAL SPRING & SPA and INFANT & CHILDREN SWIMMING.


Public swimming pools have always had to deal with hygiene requirements, water pH, filtration and water quality requirements, and the sellers take a lot of serious to these aspects. The exhibition will show the swimming pools with highest quality to the visitors.




Private swimming pools. With the continuous spread of the concept of "outdoor", the user's demand for swimming has changed. The expansion of the villa market, technological innovation of swimming pool equipment, and favorable policies and other multiple factors are promoting the transformation of swimming pools from the public to the private market, suggesting that the market in China is ready to be in great development. Currently there are more than 5 million sets of domestic villas, and “one family, one swimming pool” has become the latest trend, which makes the private swimming pools the new standard of luxury homes. In recent years, with the change of demand for in-depth travel, hotels and wild luxury home-stays are intended to build private swimming pools.




With the continuous growth of economy in China, the quality of life of the residents continues to improve, so does the attention to health. With the increase of work and life pressure, the sub-health population in China continues to increase. With the continuous popularity of the concept of SPA, the market demand continues to grow, and the customer base and market scale of China's spa industry has increased rapidly.



INFANT & CHILDREN SWIMMING "China Swimming Pool Equipment Industry Development In-Depth Research and Future Investment Analysis Report (2023-2029)" shows that infant swimming pool is an emerging industry with a wide range of audiences, 0-6 years old children can all swim in the infant swimming pool, in recent years with the birth policy began to gradually relax, China ushered in the "three-children era", the consumer market for infant products is also expanding.




Overall, the general trend of the swimming industry in today's market is a positive development in terms of policy and economic development. As people's quality of life improves, the swimming industry has diversified into different age groups, spas, and design segments. Innovation and observation of market dynamics are indispensable to capitalize on the development of the industry. This exhibition will provide example opportunities to exchange experiences and collaborate with the industry. We welcome interested parties from all over the world to participate in the show!




Feb. 29 - Mar. 2, 2024

Shanghai New International Expo Center

The 6th CSE China CSE China (Shanghai) International Swimming Pool Facilities, Swimming Equipment and Stadium Construction Exhibition

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